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The This Is Fine dog is getting a plush toy

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

"This is fine," which since 2013 has been cultural shorthand for the deadpan acceptance of a disastrous situation, is getting a plush toy. Specifically, it's the doggie in a jaunty bowler cap, who sips his coffee amidst the conflagration.

Unlike about a thousand Kickstarters we report on, this one actually actually does have licensing, because the creator himself is creating it. K.C. Green, the artist of the Gunshow webcomic where "This is Fine" originally appeared, opened the campaign this week seeking $35,000 to make the stuffed toy. It's at $275,000 an counting with 27 days left.

Billed as "a plush doll to ease our pain," Green (who also drew Dick Butt, did you know?) says the pup "comes with a nice flat butt to sit upright and quietly stare off, wall-eyed, into the middle distance. Trying to suppress it all. And he has a little plush coffee cup too, with his good catch phrase emblazoned on it."

this is fine dog kickstarter

The toy will come with a "play pak," which is a cardboard diorama of the dog's burning surroundings. His coffee mug will read "This is fine," and be stitched to his tummy so everyone gets it. This will assuredly be in 100,000 cubicles by the end of the year.

Alas, This is Fine was just discovered today by The New York Times Arts section, which means it is totally over as a meme and is no longer acceptable. So, please delete it from your folder of go-to Twitter images.

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