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One Night in Karazhan: Watch 20 minutes of Hearthstone's new adventure

Some great new cards are on display here

One Night in Karazhan, the next adventure add-on for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, is coming fast. But before the wings of Karazhan open and 45 new cards are added into the game week by week, we got a chance to run through some games using decks built by Blizzard utilizing some of the fresh additions.

In the video above, we run through a priest versus paladin match-up and then a shaman/mage showdown. Some of the new cards on display include:

  • Onyx Bishop - This new priest minion has a low statline — three attack and four health for a whopping five mana — but its battlecry will resurrect one friendly minion that died earlier in the game (chosen at random).
  • Silvermoon Portal - Adding the paladin class' extensive lineup of buffs, this spell gives a minion an extra two attack and two health as well as summoning a random two-cost minion. All this for a mere four mana in cost!
  • Pantry Spider - With only one attack and three health for a cost of three mana, this neutral minion doesn't seem too powerful at first. But its battlecry summons a second one-attack, three-health spider. Both these minions count as beasts, as well, so they're sure to become a mainstay if beast decks finally take off.
  • Book Wyrm - This neutral minion costs a hefty six mana, but upon playing it, it will destroy one enemy minion with three or less attack as long as you're holding another dragon. It also comes with three attack and six health of its own, which is nothing to sneeze at.
  • Zoobot - A three-attack, three-health neutral mech that costs three mana to play, Zoobot will grant plus-one attack and health buffs to one friendly beast, dragon and murloc. Blizzard is trying to make multi-tribe decks a thing, and this powerful card is leading the charge.
  • Nightbane Templar - Paladin's newest minion resurrects the dragon paladin archetype. Two attack and three health isn't great for a three-cost minion, but if you have other dragons in your deck the Templar will summon two one-attack, one-health dragon whelps. Zoo paladin is about to become a real issue.

And that's just from the first game! Watch the full video above to see even more new cards and witness how they play out over the course of a game. For more on Hearthstone take a look at our full YouTube playlist, and stay tuned; we'll be playing through each wing of the One Night in Karazhan adventure beginning this Thursday, Aug. 11.

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