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No Man’s Sky videos hit with ‘accidental’ copyright claims

"Can you please just correct this?"

No Man's Sky developer Hello Games is working with Sony to retract content claims lodged against YouTubers discussing new details, like the game’s first patch notes. In a pair of tweets, lead designer Sean Murray said videos that discussed new gameplay elements — even without showing clips from pre-release, early copy livestreams — had been "taken down accidentally."

"To anyone who is having their old NMS vis taken down accidentally, we’re working on it," Murray tweeted. "Discussing with Sony now."

He called out two content creators in particular, including Steven K. Thomas, whose YouTube channel is branded No Man’s Sky Gamer. He uploaded the tear-filled video above on Aug. 7 about a copyright strike Sony sent him earlier that weekend, calling the action unjust.

"I don’t understand why Sony PlayStation would do this to my channel of all channels when I go on Twitch and get people messaging me on Twitter and see all these other people with illegal copies of the game and uploading footage and getting thousands and thousands of subscribers and tens of thousands of views and nothing is being done about them," he said.

Unlike owners of early copies, Thomas argued his video was using older, officially released footage of the game, not clips culled from pre-launch livestreams, which Sony and players themselves have been taking down. That’s an argument that others hit with claims on videos discussing these streams have used as well.

Thomas’ biggest concern was that the takedown would affect a launch day livestream he planned to do for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and urged viewers to help him in his campaign to get the takedown complaint removed. After Murray’s tweet, he sounded optimistic about the ability to go forward with his No Man’s Sky charity fundraiser.

"Thank you [Sean Murray] for everything you’re doing," Thomas tweeted following Murray’s direct call-out.

Other videos, like one produced by YouTube channel The Know, have been restored following similar situations. Thomas’ No Man’s Sky update video about the day-one patch that’s now available for the game still has not returned. No Man's Sky hits PlayStation 4 tomorrow, Aug. 9, and Windows PC on Aug. 12.