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No Man's Sky creator is the face of game development crunch

Shaving apparently got cut out of the development cycle early on

No Man's Sky is a space exploration game capable of procedurally generating quintillions of worlds in its universe. Its creator is Sean Murray, whose face, according to these new screenshots, is similarly capable of procedurally generating quintillions of hairs over the game's development.

Twitter user Nibel issued this montage showing the development of Murray's whiskers since No Man's Sky was revealed at the end of 2013. As you can see, Murray's follicles have done their part during crunch, ramping up production as the space epic neared its launch date.

Murray's studio, Hello Games, has about 15 full-time staffers, and in No Man's Sky they built a universe so large they had to design in-game space probes to explore it for them. It's understandable that the leader of such a small team tackling such a big project might go all Captain Caveman as the ship date nears.

The lower-left picture appears to be Murray's "gold master" beard, with the more robust chin forest at bottom right being a substantial update cranked out over the past five weeks. No Man's Sky launches on PlayStation 4 tomorrow and Windows PC Aug. 12. Sean Murray's beard is out now, and is exclusive to his face.

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