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Twitch will stream The Tick, other Amazon pilots for first time this month (correction)

Both pilots will stream for 24 hours

Twitch will host two pilots of Amazon Video's upcoming series, for free, as the live streaming giant looks to expand content offerings to its audience of millions.

The pilots, which include Amazon's highly anticipated reboot of The Tick and Jean-Claude Van Johnson, will premiere on Amazon first on Aug. 19 and then be streamed on Twitch on Aug. 31 for a 24-hour period. Pilots for Amazon series, which include Transparent and Man in the High Castle, are typically streamed for a couple of weeks for Prime subscribers to vote on before the Amazon team makes a decision on which shows are ordered.

In 2014, Amazon bought Twitch for $970 million, but the companies haven't partnered on much outside of advertisement placements. Bringing the pilots to Twitch marks the first major crossover move for Amazon Video and the streaming site.

Amazon made the announcement during the Television Critics Association's conference in Los Angeles on Sunday, but the company hasn't released a formal statement at this time. It is unclear if Amazon is interested in making this a seasonal affair and branching out into a bigger partnership with Twitch. Tt feels like the company is making a play for Twitch's younger, male demographic, especially by bringing on shows like The Tick, which were made for that specific audience demographic.

Last year, Twitch introduced its "Creative" channel for aspiring artists and musicians. The company also made specific channels for popular series like Cooking with Julia Child and The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross earlier this year. As it looks to its future, it's clear Twitch is looking to become more than just a home to the biggest esports competitions — like The International for Dota 2 — and other major gaming events.

Correction: Despite Amazon's claims that three pilots would be available to stream on Twitch, Twitch has confirmed that it will only be two — The Tick and Jean-Claude Van Johnson. We've made changes to the above story to reflect this new information.

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