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Sony confirms PlayStation Meeting for Sept. 7, where new PS4 may be revealed (update)

Neo is nigh

PlayStation Meeting 2016 media invite Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony appears to be ready to lift the lid on the next PlayStation 4: The company will hold a media event in New York City next month to discuss details "about the PlayStation business," according to an invitation Sony sent to media outlets today.

The presentation is set for 3 p.m. ET on Sept. 7 at the PlayStation Theater, which is located in Times Square. It is known as "PlayStation Meeting" — the same name Sony used for the event in February 2013, also held in New York, during which the company unveiled the PlayStation 4.

Sony’s invitation confirms reports from Gameblog and Vice Gaming yesterday that the company was set to announce a new PS4 next month.

Codenamed the "Neo," the next PS4 — also known as the "PS4.5" and "PS4K" — is a counterpart to Microsoft’s Project Scorpio. Sony officially confirmed that it was working on a new, more powerful PS4 just before E3 2016, but said it would not unveil the console until later in the year. Meanwhile, Microsoft announced Scorpio during its E3 press briefing, and said it planned to release the console in late 2017. Like Scorpio, the Neo will reportedly support 4K resolution for both games and video, along with other high-end hardware features.

For more on Neo, check out our compilation of what we know so far.

Update: A Sony representative confirmed to Polygon that the company will livestream the PlayStation Meeting, and added, "We'll provide more information as we get closer."

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