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Pokémon Sun and Moon will make Snorlax even stronger

You can't escape Rattata here in Alola, either

Pokémon Sun and Moon players can grab a special Munchlax when the game launches this fall, Nintendo announced this morning during its Direct presentation. Anyone who picks up the games on release day can download the Pokémon until Jan. 11, 2017.

Snorlax's pre-evolution comes ready to unleash high-powered Z-Moves when it evolves, transforming the gigantic, sleepy Pokémon into something even stronger. Using the Snorlium Z crystal and the new Z-Ring accessory, trainers can awaken Snorlax's inner strength and use the both excellently and intimidatingly named"Pulverizing Pancake" attack.

The special Munchlax will also arrive with the Hold Back and Happy Hour moves, attacks it can't otherwise learn. These knock enemy Pokémon down to just 1 HP and award more money for winning battles, respectively.

Also revealed this morning was a new take on Rattata, the classic normal-type rat Pokémon. In the Alola region, the little guy is a dark/normal-type hybrid. As a defense mechanism to protect against weasel Pokémon Yungoos, the Alolan variation on Rattata stands upright and its purple fur goes black. See its transformation, alongside Snorlax's, in the video above.

Several Pokémon have already been revealed since the game was first announced early this year. These include the starters, legendaries and a Pokémon you can throw into the water to make a cool buck.

Pokémon Sun and Moon launch Nov. 18.

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