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Ryan Reynolds loved Deadpool so much, he paid out of pocket to have his writers on set

Best boss ever?

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The long history of Deadpool’s star Ryan Reynolds’ fight with Fox to get the superhero movie made is far from a secret, but it turns out that the actor went the extra mile to make sure everyone involved in the film felt like they were part of the project.

In a new interview on AMC’s Geeking Out, Deadpool writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese revealed that when Fox wouldn’t pay for the writers to be on set during filming, Reynolds decided to pony up and use his own funds to have them there six days a week. According to Wernick and Rhett, they had worked with Reynolds on the film for six years, so it was very important to the actor to have the entire creative team the entire time they were filming.

Wernick and Rhett added that when it came to making sure the film they wanted to make actually got made, Reynolds told the studio that he needed the both of them plus director Tim Miller to be on set whenever he was. If Fox couldn’t accommodate that, which it turned out the studio could not, then he was willing to pay to have them there.

It’s not the only thing that Reynold’s has paid out of pocket for either. Reynolds paid thousands of dollars to use Golden Girls actor Bea Arthur’s face for a quick gag in the film that Fox wouldn’t agree to. When it came to making Deadpool, Reynolds and his creative team spared no cost to get almost every joke or gag that they wanted in the film.

The writers didn’t provide any information about the sequel that Reynolds and the team want to make, but in an interview with Slashfilm last month, producer Simon Kinberg went into more detail about the elements they wanted to carry forward into the sequel and how they wanted to make it different. Fox confirmed it had ordered a sequel to the film back in April.

Released in February, Deadpool pulled in $363 million at the domestic box office and another $419 million in the international market. The film is currently available to rent or buy from all digital retailers as well as Blu-ray and DVD.

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