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Nintendo 3DS owners can finally StreetPass more than 10 people at once

A premium update brings a welcome change

StreetPass Mii Plaza is getting a refresh today, and it's bringing with it a heavily requested feature. Alongside new games, the Premium upgrade will at long last allow players to meet the Miis of way more people at once.

In fact, Nintendo 3DS owners will be able to pass 10 times as many other 3DS users as before — 100, up from 10 initially. That's huge for longtime players of the minigame, which required that they clear out their visitors with great frequency in order to meet new ones. At conventions or other crowded places, this could be annoying, if not exhausting.

Anyone who downloads the update can also grab one of two new games for free: Slot Car Rivals and Market Crashers. Feed Mii, Mii Trek and Ninja Launcher are also launching today, and all five can be purchased for $2.99 each. A bundle of four games, free title excluded, is offered for $8.99.

Only those who put money down to upgrade to StreetPass Mii Plaza Premium will have access to the new "Line" feature. Launched in 2015, the extra feature-filled version of the minigame costs $4.99.

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