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Build-A-Bear's Eevee is one fuzzy addition to the stuffed Pokémon collection

Check out the adventures our Eevee has already gotten up to

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Build-A-Bear Workshop's line of Pokémon plushes just got bigger today.

Eevee, the lovable normal-type whose evolutions run the gamut of Pokémon types, has been transformed into a stuffed animal designed for hugging. It's now available for purchase at the home of making your own stuffed bears.

A $62 package sold exclusively online comes with two outfits for the stuffed animal. Whether it's rocking the Poké Ball hooded pajamas, wearing a cape covered with its Eeveelutions or going au natural is completely up to the trainer; we prefer the pajamas look, ourselves.

In the box is also a Pokémon trading card and a sound chip that produces some very disconcerting Eevee noises. Our Eevee came with its sound chip inserted into its calf, quickly transforming intimate moments into something far creepier. We swear that one of the phrases Eevee bleats is "I love Eevee," which is both self-aggrandizing and implausible for an Eevee to say.

It's also hard to ignore this Eevee's odd coloration, which doesn't quite match the light brown of the Pokémon we know and love from the game. Also irking us: Where is Eevee's little button nose? Ours appears to have shipped nostril-free, although promo pics show Eevee's nasal cavity more prominently.

Then there's the matter of comparing Eevee to Pikachu, the first Pokémon to enter the Workshop. We at Polygon took our stuffed Pikachu through the paces last December, when the character became available for pre-order. We put Eevee to a similar test today in honor of its online and in-store release. Scroll through the gallery of pictures below and decided for yourself which Pokémon comes out as the most adorable Build-A-Bear Workshop has to offer.


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