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Destiny's newest patch prepares for Rise of Iron

Destiny's latest patch is out, tuning weapons and making changes in preparation for the highly anticipated Rise of Iron expansion.

Seven exotic weapons received a range of (mostly) buffs as just about every weapon classification received some kind of adjustment, Bungie wrote in a note on Thursday. Also, eight perks were given a "refresh" through some new bonuses based on months of player feedback and telemetry. Of note, the magazine perks now give range bonuses.

"The changes in 2.4.0 will go hand in hand with the weapon ecosystem of Rise of Iron," Bungie wrote. "These changes will alter the Destiny Sandbox, update the player experience, and prepare the world of the game for the next story we are about to tell."

Bungie's condensed explanation is here and the full patch notes are here. The patch is only for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions. Support for legacy consoles ended with a final patch back in July.

Destiny: Rise of Iron launches Sept. 20. Like its predecessors, it will offer exclusive content for PlayStation 4. For more, see our in-depth look at Rise of Iron's inspiration, development and goals from back in July.

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