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'Tecmo Super Bowl 2017' returns with this year's rosters, and Tecmo Madison is back, too

The world championship of Tecmo Super Bowl returns in April

The modders of have released their silver anniversary edition of Tecmo Super Bowl, an update to the game using all the players and teams of the NFL, celebrating the 25th birthday of one of the greatest console video games of all time.

Tecmo Super Bowl 2017 is available now and is playable on any NES emulator. New features updated from last year's version include adjustable quarter lengths, in-game playbook editing and halftime stats.

The ROM may be downloaded here. Rams running back Todd Gurley is the cover star (sorta). Tecmo Super Bowl is the work of Matt Knobbe, Keith Good, Dave Murray and David Brude. Brude is the guy who discovered back in June that Tecmo designers had plans to put penalties into the game, but abandoned them.

Tecmo Super Bowl launched Dec. 21, 1991. It was the first console video game to be licensed by both a pro sports league and its players union, meaning that every team and every player were in the game.

In other Tecmo Super Bowl news, Murray announced that Tecmo Madison, the game's de facto world championship, will still go on. The brothers who founded the tournament in 2005 had declared Tecmo 12 in February would be the last ride, with organizers' lives and families leaving very little time to organize such a huge event.

Instead, Murray has acquired Tecmo Madison from Josh and Chet Holzbauer, and in the video below, he announces the series will continue, with its date moved to April 8. (Tecmo Madison had traditionally been played at the midpoint between the Super Bowl and March Madness, usually February or March). Murray will be supplying more details on the new tournament later, but it will continue under its old name.

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