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Star Wars: Rogue One toy short gets a second chapter

Action-figure Jyn stands tall against large-size Imperials

The second chapter of the stop-motion toy preview of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is available, and again it addresses problems of scale — i.e. minifigs versus action figures versus the coveted "giant-size stormtrooper action figure" that I never got for Christmas in 1979.

Unfolding like a typical bedroom-floor reenactment of mixed media is the story of Jyn Erso and her cohort as they escape some sort of -ooine called Jedha and pursue their mission of delivering the plans for the Death Star to leaders of the rebel alliance.

Star Wars: Go Rogue is a collaboration of Star Wars' toy licensees with Lucasfilm. The last chapter was released at the end of August. Toys seen in this video will be available for purchase on Sept. 30. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story premieres Dec. 16.

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