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PlayStation 4 Pro-enhanced games have special box art. Here's what it looks like.

This icon means the game is optimized for PlayStation's newest console

Games that ship able to take advantage of the new PlayStation 4 Pro's capabilities will carry a special logo on their game case, and it'll show up on them in the PlayStation Store, too.

This is what it looks like (above). It's reminiscent of the "Better With Kinect" or "Only On PlayStation" riders that framed the box art of the past console generation.

"Look for the 'PS4TM Pro Enhanced' icon on software packaging. 'PS4TM Pro Enhanced' features vary by game. Select titles may have enhanced visuals, frame rate, HDR 10 support, or increases in resolution."says Sony.

PlayStation 4 Pro support isn't exclusive to that version of the console. A game built to support the new configuration still will work on a standard PlayStation 4. The label just means it's a game that draws on the enhanced power of the new console for graphical fidelity and stable frame rate, among other qualities.

Some games will require patches to make them PS4 Pro-enhanced. A developer on Friday clarified that these patches must be distributed free and cannot come with any charge to consumers who already bought the game for standard PS4.

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