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Watch Shigeru Miyamoto play Super Mario Run while doing a bicep curl

One-handed gaming is the best gaming

Super Mario Run ghost mode screenshot
Super Mario Run lets you compete against other players’ ghosts.

One of the defining characteristics of Super Mario Run, Mario’s first foray onto mobile devices, is that you can play it with one hand — and now you can see the character’s creator, Shigeru Miyamoto himself, demonstrate that fact.

Miyamoto introduced Super Mario Run on stage during Apple’s iPhone 7 unveiling last week, and highlighted the one-handed nature of the game. In this side-scrolling runner, Mario will handle small jumps and hurdle basic enemies automatically, although it’ll be up to the player to make larger leaps.

Nintendo posted a video of Miyamoto playing Super Mario Run on the company’s Twitter account today, and it’s as delightful as you would expect. The legendary game designer continues playing the game even as he works out and (reluctantly) shakes Bill Trinen’s hand:

Super Mario Run is set for release this holiday season on iPad and iPhone. It will come to Android at a later date. For more details, check out the gameplay demo from the Apple event below.

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