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Pokémon Go’s buddy Pokémon feature hides the coolest secret for Pikachu lovers

Pikachu fans and anime lovers, this one’s for you

Ash Ketchum and Pikachu smiling at each other

Pokémon Go developer Niantic has long hinted that there are fan service secrets galore for trainers to uncover in the mobile game. Players have found just one cool trick thus far, but with the release of the new Buddy Pokémon update, enterprising Pokémon Go lovers have uncovered another, even better Easter egg.

The Buddy Pokémon feature allows for any Pokémon to accompany the player on their journey, appearing alongside them in the trainer profile and accruing candies as they travel over certain distances. Typically, Pokémon stand right next to the trainer’s avatar, feet planted on the ground. Pokémon Go research blog the Silph Road, however, uncovered that after 10 kilometers of walking with Pikachu, the electric rodent will take to the player’s shoulder instead.

That’s a clear reference to the Pokémon cartoon, where boy hero Ash Ketchum is seen with his Pikachu always by his side and often on his shoulder. Unlike most finds, Pikachu resists its Poké Ball; this increased visibility is a big reason why the character has become the series’ mascot.

We’ve yet to try out this trick for ourselves, although the Silph Road provides photographic evidence below. As soon as the update is available on iOS and Android devices, we’ll be sure to get right to walking with our starter Pokémon Pikachu by our sides.

buddy pokemon The Silph Road

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