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PS4 software update 4.00 is out tomorrow, here’s what’s new

All the new features coming to your console

All PlayStation 4 owners will gain access to the console’s latest firmware starting tomorrow, bringing about several features previously beta-tested and teased by Sony in recent weeks. Among the features in version 4.00 detailed on the PlayStation Blog are those prepping for the Nov. 10 release of the high-end PS4 Pro, as well as menu tweaks and the just announced HDR compatibility for the entire PS4 range.

As testers have already seen, version 4.00 simplifies the Quick Menu to obscure less of the screen, add customization options and make it more accessible without exiting a gameplay session. New to the official launch of the system update are Spotify controls that let console owners play music from the app without opening it directly.

The What’s New menu has also been altered with a revised Activity Feed, offering more details about the gaming habits of a player’s social network. Games’ content info screens are similarly tweaked and will be quickly accessible from the home screen.

Sony told console owners last week that all PS4 systems would receive high dynamic range (HDR) compatibility, and that data from current systems could be carried over to the new ones. Both of those features will be available starting tomorrow; although the PS4 Pro ships ready to output HDR content, all other consoles will also gain the ability to do so with the version 4.00 firmware. (It’s important to note that there won’t be any HDR-compatible games available tomorrow, however.) Transferring games, saved data and user info will also be possible over a wired LAN connection after the update.

PlayStation Europe recaps all of the new features above; watch that for a live preview of the update. A PS4 owner wanting to upgrade but unwilling to wait until November can also check out the slimmer PS4, arriving Sept. 15.

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