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Pokémon Sun and Moon leak has fans seeking the truth of mysterious Ultra Beasts

They’re not Pokémon, but maybe they’re ... human?

The latest issue of CoroCoro has made its way online before the magazine hits shelves this week, and in it comes a handful of Pokémon Sun and Moon news. Scans on show the introduction of canine Pokémon Rockruff’s evolution, which varies based on the time of day. More interesting, though, is the reveal of two more Ultra Beast characters — and the fans’ resulting theories about just what these strange non-Pokémon are.

The first Ultra Beast we saw is called UB-01, and a trailer released last week said that it isn’t exactly like a standard Pokémon. With the reveal of UB-02 Expansion and UB-02 Beauty in CoroCoro, players are convinced that they’re far from Pokémon. Instead, these characters may just be humans in disguise.

That’s because UB-02 Beauty in particular resembles the very blonde, long-haired Lusamine, the president of the Aether Foundation, a research facility that’s dedicated itself to researching Pokémon and monsters of all kinds. It could be a coincidence that UB-02 Beauty’s shape mirrors that of Lusamine. Yet the wild speculation continues, and fans also suggest that other blonde members of Sun and Moon’s cast match with the Ultra Beasts.

Some suspect that the trainer’s potential rival and Professor Kukui’s assistant Lillie looks similar to the jellyfish-like UB-01; Lillie is said to play an important role to the story, after all. As for the bulky UB-02 Expansion, its coloring is reminiscent of Gladion, who works for the scheming Team Skull. He’s an enigmatic guy and paired up with the similarly cold, chimeric Pokémon Type-Null. Little else is known about him, but it’s hard to argue that UB-02 Expansion’s color scheme doesn’t hew closely to Gladion’s.

Pokémon news from the official source is due this Wednesday, Sept. 14. Will the Pokémon Company give away the goods on who these Ultra Beasts are then? It seems doubtful, what with the games just over two months away. The possibility of transforming humans may be the games’ biggest mystery, left unsolved until at least Nov. 18, their launch date.

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