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Bandai Namco celebrates 15th anniversary of Gundam Vs. with new PlayStation 4 game

How do you feel about robots punching and shooting other robots?

Today at Sony's Tokyo Game Show press conference, publisher Bandai Namco took the stage to reveal its latest Gundam title. As part of a celebration of the 15th anniversary of Gundam Vs., a  series of fighting games based off the long-running anime franchise, Bandai Namco will be working on a "new generation Gundam Vs." for the PlayStation 4.

After running through the history of the series, the trailer above shows footage from the new game. It includes a Gundam smashing through a building that then crumbles realistically, and two of the giant mobile suits clashing against each other, among other short scenes. It also looks notably better than any of the previous games, clearly utilizing the power offered by the hardware upgrade from older entries.

The trailer reveals the name of the new project as simply Gundam Versus. A direct release date is not mentioned; instead the trailer ends with the odd phrase "Gundam Versus launches with you."

If we figure out what that means, we'll update you here. For that and more news from Tokyo Game Show throughout the week, stay tuned to our TGS storystream.

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