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This Kingdom Hearts trailer is baffling, but it has nice music and a release date

A classic track gets remixed for the next Kingdom Hearts spin-off, arriving early next year

Despite having played and enjoyed a bunch of games in the Kingdom Hearts series, I couldn't begin to tell you what's happening in the latest trailer for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue. That doesn't mean it isn't worth a watch, though!

The trailer was introduced during Sony's Tokyo Game Show press conference this evening and features a great remix of "Simple and Clean," the J-pop song popularized in the first Kingdom Hearts way back in 2002. According to a press release from Square Enix, it also features never-before scenes from Kingdom Hearts χ [chi] Back Cover, an origin movie that will be included in the compilation. Likewise, the trailer shows off a few tidbits from Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep - A fragmentary passage, where players will take on the role of Birth by Sleep's Aqua.

I don't know what most of that means, but I can tell you that Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue will also include a hi-def remastered version of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, a spin-off originally released for the 3DS in 2012. You can read our review of the original version of that here.

Finally, the trailer confirms the release date for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue. It will be out on PlayStation 4 on Jan. 24, 2017. We'll be reporting more from Tokyo Game Show live in Japan all this week; follow along on our TGS Storystream.

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