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Sonic Mania collector’s set boxes up a familiar, nostalgic sound for Sega fans

All together now: Say-guh

The reveal of spring 2017’s Sonic Mania was the highlight of the hedgehog’s 25th birthday bash this summer, and it’s clear to see why: The pixelated sidescroller is a love letter to the Sonic games of old. That’s obvious right down to its collector’s edition set, now available for pre-order through Sega, which has several items meant to warp ’90s kids 25 years back.

There’s a decorative collector’s box housing the download key, itself inside a retro-designed case; there’s a replica Sega Genesis cartridge with a gold ring fastened to it; and a 12-inch statue of Sonic uses a tiny Genesis as a stand.

The stand doesn’t just resemble the Genesis, though; it also maintains the console’s best function, playing games aside. Flipping the power switch activates the classic start-up sound heard when booting the original Sonic games, a jingle inextricable from the heads of anyone who grew up playing Sonic.

In case you’ve never played a Sonic game, had pledged Team Nintendo in the ‘90s or are just a philistine, take a moment and listen.

The Sonic Mania collector’s edition box retails for $69.99. Expect to spend hours activating the start-up sound in spring 2017, when it ships alongside Sonic Mania. Take an early look at the game in our gameplay view below as well.

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