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Dishonored 2 trailer focuses on Corvo’s quest for justice

Delilah’s going down, if Corvo has anything to say about it

Dishonored 2 lets you play as Emily Kaldwin, the princess from the original game. But you can also step back into the boots of Corvo Attano, the Royal Protector, who has his own story of vengeance in this new trailer.

While Emily had been the empress since being rescued by Corvo at the age of 10, she has been overthrown 15 years later by a woman styling herself as Delilah Kaldwin. In reality, this is the alternate identity of Delilah Copperspoon, who appeared in some of the downloadable content for Dishonored as the leader of the Brigmore Witches.

Under Corvo’s tutelage, Emily has grown into a capable assassin herself. Now it’s up to both of them to take down Delilah and restore Emily to her rightful place on the throne. Corvo will eventually get back the familiar complement of supernatural powers that he had in Dishonored, with some notable upgrades — Blink now lets you pause time, and Possession can be chained between multiple hosts.

Dishonored 2 is set for release Nov. 11 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One. For more, check out the Emily Kaldwin trailer from last month, and everything we know about the game. The PS4 version of Dishonored 2 will be patched with upgraded visuals for the PlayStation 4 Pro.

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