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Destiny’s private matches have finally arrived

Jump back into the Crucible right now

Destiny: Rise of Iron screenshots

An update is now available for Destiny, and with it comes the feature players have asked for the most: Private matches are making their long-awaited debut today, according to a press release.

As opposed to Destiny’s multiplayer mode prior to the update, where players were beholden to maps’ default rules, private matchmaking will introduce mode, map, time limits, score limits, Light level and time of day options. In short, players have wanted the chance to customize their Crucible experience — perhaps even getting to play matches alone — and the new feature will finally give them to chance to.

This update comes ahead of private matches’ inclusion in Rise of Iron, the last expansion planned for the shooter. The multiplayer-heavy release arrives Sept. 20, and individualized matchmaking was touted as one of its biggest additions. Instead of having to wait for Rise of Iron next week, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners can dip into the feature for free right now.

There are other things to look forward to in Rise of Iron, of course, like the new Crucible mode Supremacy. Players will also gain access to another three maps, with a bonus one offered to PS4 owners.

Unlike its predecessors, Rise of Iron is only available on PS4 and Xbox One. Bungie dropped support for legacy consoles in order to "add without having to subtract," it told us during Gamescom. Players stuck on last-generation hardware still have some time to upgrade before Rise of Iron arrives, at least. Watch us play through the first mission below for another preview of the expansion.

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