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Pokémon Sun and Moon are each getting their own Ultra Beast (update)

Pile on the version exclusives

A smidgen of Pokémon Sun and Moon news arrived this morning, mostly reiterating the reveal of two more curious Ultra Beast characters. A press release for the Hong Kong market has some screens of UB-02 Absorption and UB-02 Beauty in action, but there’s also a bigger detail of note: Each one can only be found in Sun and Moon, respectively.

Pokémon Sun and Moon UB-02 Expansion

UB-02 Absorption, the buff ... whatever it’s supposed to be, can only be found in Pokémon Sun, the Pokémon Company said. The horned, bug-like monster should appeal to players who prioritize brawn over all else, and may push them over the edge to choosing Sun.

Pokémon Sun and Moon UB-02 Beauty

The lithe, hypnotizing (literally) UB-02 Beauty is Pokémon Moon’s beast. It’s swift and nimble, the enigmatic yin to Expansion’s yang. Several fans also believe it looks strangely similar to Lusamine, president of Pokémon research group the Aether Foundation, leading to theories about the Ultra Beasts’ true nature.

Previously revealed was UB-01, the jellyfish-like creature that is set to appear in both Sun and Moon. If marine biology is your thing, take heart that both Sun and Moon will be able to suit your needs.

Pokémon games have always released in pairs, and it may not be apparent to the layman as to how each release is individualized. These version exclusives are the main reason why Pokémon fans fight over their loyalties to Red or Blue, Gold or Silver and so on, even to this day. Choosing a game is a trying task, as one must take into account which title has the superior unique Pokémon, among other differences.

Beyond locking one of the Ultra Beasts from players of the other game, Pokémon Sun and Moon differ when it comes to their day/night cycles. Sun follows along with a player’s actual time, but Moon is set 12 hours ahead. These are the things to keep aware of as their Nov. 18 release hurtles ever closer. (Of course, those who can’t pick just one can always buy both. But that’s the easy way out, isn’t it?)

Update: Turns out Sun's version of UB-02 is named Absorption in English. The American Pokémon Company also released a new trailer that shows the monsters in motion. Check that out above.

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