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Even Undertale's cut tracks are total jams

Creator looks back at 2015’s best soundtrack and biggest cult hit

undertale city

Undertale launched almost exactly a year ago to the day — Sept. 15, 2015 — and the comic role-playing game still maintains a fierce fanbase. The evolution from indie crowdfunding project to smash success is something creator Toby Fox has reflected on over the past few days, but it’s his inside look at the game’s soundtrack that’s been the most enjoyable of his anniversary content.

Several unfinished or scrapped pieces from the RPG’s score have made their way to the Undertale Tumblr page, where Fox has been sharing odds and ends ahead of the game’s first birthday. This is a treat for fans of the game’s retro-aping soundtrack, one of its best and most defining features.

Fox composed — but junked — this one for the intimidating Undyne, one of our favorite female characters of 2015:

This song doesn’t have a name, but Fox’s description for it is amazing: "Originally I was going to make it if you beat the game fast enough, you’d be able to see the annoying dog in a bikini." Sound familiar?

There’s another song for said dog that didn’t make it into the game; it’s short and sweet:

Undertale’s soundtrack is getting a vinyl print later this year, and the LP set will include tons of tunes not actually in the finished game. Here’s hoping that the digital copy, which has a wide variety of songs, includes all of the above and even more great jams.

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