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Harley Quinn spinoff film is in the works, Warner Bros. confirms

So... Poison Ivy’s gonna be in this, right?

Despite Suicide Squad’s mixed reception, it’s looking like Harley Quinn will return to the big screen, and she’ll be bringing a bunch of other DC superheroines (and villains, we can assume) with her.

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Margot Robbie just signed a first look deal with Warner Bros. to develop and produce feature films through her production company, LuckyChap Entertainment. LuckyChap is already working on a number of projects, including neo-noir thriller Terminal, Tonya Harding biopic I, Tonya and an adaptation of the Matt Ruff novel, Bad Monkeys.

Robbie brought on a writer to develop a script for the spinoff

But LuckyChap’s confirmed projects with Warner Bros. have some real news for the DC Films universe. There are two, at the moment, and one is a Suicide Squad spinoff for Robbie's Harley Quinn and other female characters of the DC Universe. The Hollywood Reporter previously reported that Warner Bros. was "contemplating" a Harley Quinn spinoff, after Robbie brought on a writer to develop a script for the idea — which was after she "fell in love" with DC’s heroines while doing research for her role as Harley Quinn.

As the home of Wonder Woman, the DC Universe naturally has claim to the most famous female comic book character of all time, but Gotham City itself is home to a large handful of the setting’s best known female characters. Harley Quinn rubs shoulders with Batgirl, Catwoman, and — most infamously — Poison Ivy. Quinn and Ivy have enjoyed a strong friendship almost since Quinn’s introduction in Batman: The Animated Series, and that friendship’s queer subtext was recently, officially made text in comics. A movie about Harley Quinn and other female DC characters has plenty of options to choose from when putting together a character lineup, but Poison Ivy is a clear shoe-in.

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