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Resident Evil is getting an adorable mobile remake

Even the wimps can get into this one

Capcom is celebrating 20 years of Resident Evil in various ways this year, but none are stranger — or cuter — than Bakahaza, a mobile game announced at the series’ Tokyo Game Show conference earlier today. Developed in collaboration with manga artist Fujio Akatsuka, the free-to-play title is coming to iOS and Android devices later this year, retelling the story of the original Resident Evil with way more pixels and gags.

Bakahaza doesn’t appear to star the cast of Resident Evil, though; instead, it features the characters from Akatsuka’s Tensai Bakabon series. It’s a strange pick for a crossover. The comedy about a father-son pair ended its most recent comic book run in 1992, and it started way back in 1967. Still, despite knowing next-to-nothing about Tensai Bakabon, it makes for a bizarre, decent match for a cutesy Resident Evil.

It’s not all goofs, though; the parody still features plenty of zombies and bloodshed. The trailer even concludes with the gag game’s take on a jump scare. Resident Evil fans are invited to compare the footage in the trailer above to that of the original game, but be mindful that the pixel-heavy mobile game is more of a text adventure than an action title.

It seems unlikely that Bakahaza will come stateside, but we’ll keep an eye out. It may just be the perfect entry point into the survival horror series for the scaredy cats out there.

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