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Telltale Batman’s second episode goes into the Dark Knight’s tragic past

Remember how Batman’s dad died? Yeah

The second installment of Batman: The Telltale Series launches Sept. 20, and its first episode suggests it’s diving right into the hero’s tragic backstory. The trailer above is full of seedy characters and a whole lot of brooding on Bruce Wayne’s part.

With the death of his father, Thomas Wayne, weighing heavily on his mind, Bruce as both the wealthy bachelor and tortured superhero goes looking for answers. Those answers, it appears, are best found with a couple of thrown punches. Just as in the first game, episode two — "Children of Arkham" — mixes up combat with Telltale Games' brand of storytelling and character-building.

There are five episodes in total planned for the Batman series, and a retail collection of the entire season is now available for purchase. It includes a disc with the first episode, released in August, as well as download codes for the remaining four. There are also options to purchase them digitally or individually for all PlayStation and Xbox home consoles, as well as on Windows PC. Here’s hoping the PC release on Steam ships without the graphical issues the first episode suffered from.