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New Doctor Strange featurette highlights the power of its villains

A more in-depth look at Kaecilius

The newest featurette on Marvel’s upcoming Doctor Strange focuses on a couple of new details surrounding the movie’s mysterious villains.

In the video, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige talks about Mads Mikkelsen’s Kaecilius, one of the main bad guys in the movie that Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange will have to take on. Feige explains that characters like Kaecilius are drawn in by the power they discover "on the other side" and want to exploit it for their own malicious intentions.

"We are excited by the villains in this film," Feige says. "They are interested in spilling the barriers between these dimensions, which would annihilate our entire universe."

There are a couple of new scenes featuring Mikkelsen’s Kaecilius, but the video doesn’t offer too much in terms of new footage. Instead, it provides commentary from the actors on their characters and how they fit into the Cinematic Universe’s third phase.

Doctor Strange, which stars Cumberbatch and Mikkelsen alongside Rachel McAdams, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Tilda Swinton, hits theaters Nov. 4.

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