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This Undertale Q&A is the best reminder of why it’s one of the funniest games ever

What’s Papyrus’ favorite food?

On Sept. 15, 2015, Toby Fox released a uniquely tragicomic role-playing game called Undertale. It’s gone on to build and sustain a wide, devoted fanbase for a variety of reasons: its story, its music, its tough choices and its unforgettable characters. Although their stories ended with the game’s gripping conclusion, Fox brought them back to answer some burning fan questions today, in honor of Undertale's first anniversary.

The skeleton brothers Papyrus and Sans may be Undertale’s most popular characters, so it’s fitting that they take centerstage in the Q&A. The biggest question fans have for the cast, according to the Tumblr collection Fox posted earlier today, is specifically directed at Papyrus: What’s his favorite food?

If they’d played Undertale recently, they may recall Papyrus’ love for spaghetti; Undyne, another fan favorite, even takes the time to remind him of that. But Papyrus struggles to come up with an answer, instead going off on a neurotic episode as he tries to reply sufficiently.

Its gets more complicated — and more hilarious — from there. The entire thing is worth reading through straight to the end. Over the course of 10 questions, Papyrus, Sans, Flowey, Undyne and everyone else appear, making a strong case for the continuation of the Undertale story in some form. It’s been a full year since we’ve met these characters, but the Q&A proves we won’t soon forget them.

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