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Which Harvest Moon: Skytree Village bachelor deserves your rose?

There are three single dudes, but only one choice

Harvest Moon: Skytree Village

Harvest Moon: Skytree Village differs from previous Harvest Moon games, in that it has a far more limited selection of bachelors and bachelorettes to choose from. When there’s not much more to do beyond dating, farming, fishing and gardening in the game, it’s important for the player to make the right choice in which person they’re going to go after. Natsume revealed the three lucky guys waiting to be wooed in Skytree Village today, and now it’s up to us to suss out who’s worth our time.

"We have made a real effort to provide interesting, unique, and varied characters to woo and marry, and we look forward to introducing them to fans!" Natsume president Hiro Maekawa said in a press release. Well, Polygon will be the judge of that.

First up is Dean, whose obsession with flowers got him in trouble as a kid, according to his bachelor profile. (Apparently the children of Skytree Village are disgusted by an appreciation of nature.) Red-headed Dean grew up to be a florist, which means he’s both sensitive and good with his hands. He’s definitely got potential.

Next is Cyril, who honest-to-god says things like "a stiff upper lip and a tally-ho." That’s because he was born into a well-known family, according to Natsume, but that is a terrible excuse. Cyril is not only old-fashioned, but he’s blunt too. He’s got us on high-alert in the worst way possible.

Gabriel is the last gentleman-in-waiting. There’s not much to say about him, and he doesn’t say much about himself. He’s a shy, sweet soft boy who has a (platonic, we assume) thing for animals. Taking care of livestock is one of the most agonizing parts of Harvest Moon, so it might be nice to have a boy who can take care of all of that.

Ultimately, the choice is the players'. We encourage them to follow their heart’s desires ... unless their heart wants Cyril. Cyril is just the worst.

Harvest Moon: Skytree Village comes to Nintendo 3DS later this fall.

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