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You can now buy Fandango movie tickets using Facebook

Remember this for Star Wars

Magnificent Seven

One of the biggest movie ticket retailers in the country, Fandango, has teamed up with the biggest social media site, Facebook, to make buying movie tickets a little easier.

Fandango and Facebook announced on Friday that Facebook users would be able to buy tickets directly through a movie’s official page. Fandango has had its own site and mobile app for years that allows people to purchase tickets pretty easily, but company president Paul Yanover told the New York Times that the goal of bringing in Facebook was to attract a larger group of people that aren’t going out to watch movies anymore: millennials.

Yanover added that Facebook also makes it easier for people to organize group outings and invite others to watch a movie. An aspect, Yanover said, they realized was more important to movie goers than they previously thought. Having the simplicity of buying tickets directly through Facebook and inviting friends to the same screening will hopefully boost the number of millennials going out to see films, Yanover said.

It’s not the only initiative that Fandango is introducing to get more people to buy tickets. With the recent launch of iOS 10, Fandango is allowing people to buy movie tickets through text messages without asking people to leave the texting window. Fandango is also in the process of creating a similar service for Snapchat — a social media service that boasts 150 million active users a day — if people want to buy their tickets through that platform.

Yanover said they realized that they had to be more aggressive with getting ticketing options in front of people instead of waiting for people to come to their service. Movie tickets will be available to purchase this weekend through Facebook for certain films — including Denzel Washington and Christopher Pratt’s version of The Magnificent Seven.

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