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Here's what blowing up the Death Star looks like in Star Wars Battlefront

It looks pretty awesome

The third round of premium DLC for Star Wars Battlefront brings the Death Star into the conflict between Empire and Rebellion, and from this video it looks like it is holding nothing back.

We've known about Battle Station, the new game type coming with the DLC but this is the first look at it in action. In Battle Station, teams of users will stage a space battle among the usual X-Wing and TIE Fighters, will make a non-canonical but still interesting-looking troop assault on the Death Star, and then head down the trench one more time to blow it up.

The fighters in question have been available in the planetary surface action since the game launched back in November. The multi-modal Battle Station, however, brings back the kind of space combat that made Star Wars: Battlefront 2 so well loved.

In addition to the new game type and maps, Death Star delivers two more playable "heroes" — the bounty hunter Bossk (who has a slick infrared vision-type of ability to help him track his prey) and the mighty Chewbacca with his formidable bowcaster.

The expansion launches Sept. 20 for those who purchase the season pass of DLC. It arrives two weeks later for those who wish to pick it up a la carte. The season pass is $50 and individual modules are $15.

Death Star will be followed by the fourth and final premium extension, themed to the upcoming film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and that is expected to launch around the time of the film's Dec. 16 premiere.

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