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Street Fighter 5's newest update, bringing Urien, is out this week

He's the final downloadable character for season one

Urien debuts in Street Fighter 5 with the game's next update, which is dated for Thursday, Sept. 22.

Urien is the only new character coming in the new update but not its only new content. Nine new environmental stage KOs have been added, seven new colors have been added for premium character costumes, and a Versus CPU function is included for players to practice against AI of varying difficulty.

Additionally, users are getting ways to earn more Fight Money, Street Fighter 5's in-game currency, with new "Daily Targets" to award it upon their completion. Daily Targets will shell out between 100 and 5,000 Fight Money (which acquires premium content for free), so it's clear this is an incentive to log in and do something every day.

Urien is the sixth and last downloadable character for the first season of post-launch DLC for Street Fighter 5. He debuted almost 20 years ago in Street Fighter 3: 2nd Impact. More details on what the update includes are available through Capcom-Unity.

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