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Ride with the Sons of Grand Theft Auto Online's 'Bikers' update

All the trimmings of your midlife crisis motorcycle club fantasy are on the way

Grand Theft Auto Online's next major update will give players the opportunity to join bona fide one-percenter motorcycle clubs, with new modes of cooperative multiplayer gameplay and all sorts of mayhem to meet.

The Bikers update will allow groups of up to eight players to band together, with ranks ranging from President to Prospect. MCs will distinguish themselves with new weapons, styles, tattoos and venues in Los Santos and Blaine County, where they can conduct their club business.

gta online bikers

Motorcycle clubs will also get "high-level, high-risk vehicle-based business ventures," scattered across the map.

The Bikers update is not yet dated. It is only for the PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One versions of the game. Updates for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 ended last year.

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