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Deformers lets you body slam your hamburger friends

Play a version of soccer where all the players are balls

Developer Ready At Dawn released a new trailer for their multiplayer arena brawler Deformers, which shows new food-themed characters, a stage and a game mode.

In Deformers, up to eight players can duke it out as goofy roly-polys called Forms. Players roll, jump, body slam and fire projectiles at each other as they attempt to either drain their opponents’ health or knock them off the edge of the arena. Taking others out gives players an opportunity to increase their own health and the size of their Form.

The trailer showcases a new mode, "Form Ball," Deformers’ take on soccer. A new stage, "The Big Top," takes place inside of a giant floating circus tent. The trailer also revealed some new food-shaped Forms — Patty the hamburger, Bitesize the cupcake, Sue the nigiri ball and Mel the watermelon.

As of today, you can pre-order Deformers exclusively through GameStop. The title is the second to be published by the gaming store's label, GameTrust. For more on the game, check out our in-depth lookDeformers launches this winter for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One at $29.99.

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