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Super sentai RPG Chroma Squad is coming to consoles

If you ever wanted to be a Power Ranger, here’s your chance

Bandai Namco Entertainment America will bring Chroma Squad, 2015’s very meta superhero role-playing game, to consoles in 2017. The trailer above teases the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Xbox One version of the game, which doesn’t seem to look much different from the original PC and mobile release.

That game let players build up their own television studio, where they produced a show about a team of athletic superheroes in matching suits. A group of former stunt actors suit up to take down enemies and amass fans by winning tactical RPG battles. They also naturally have a giant fighting robot at their disposal.

Chroma Squad has a season-based structure, multiple endings, winking references to its super sentai origins and a variety of customization options. In case players are concerned that it hews a little closely to a well-known Japanese superhero show, the marketing makes plain that the Kickstarter-funded title is "inspired by Saban’s Power Rangers."

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