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Firewatch heads to Xbox One this month with new modes

Fire walk with me — on an audio tour

Firewatch, the acclaimed first-person adventure game that hit PlayStation 4 and Windows PC earlier this year, will be available on Xbox One starting Sept. 21. Developer Campo Santo revealed the port on its blog, acknowledging months of Xbox One owners’ requests for the game.

When the Xbox One version ships, a new free-roam mode will launch alongside it. The feature lets players explore Wyoming’s Shoshone National Forest, where Firewatch is set, at their leisure. Free-roam boasts a day-and-night cycle and includes the chance to find some "hidden secrets" along the way.

But those on Microsoft’s hardware aren’t the only ones with new Firewatch content to look forward to. Free-roam will come to PS4 and PC for free at some point after the Xbox One version is out, Campo Santo wrote. There’s also a Firewatch Audio Tour coming to all versions of the game in another update, a new feature that the developer describes as "one part scavenger hunt, one part museum tour, one part game dev workshop." The trailer above suggests it will serve as commentary on the game; watch for a brief sneak peek.

Firewatch sparked plenty of discussion when it first launched in February, including debates over its ending. Players also took their time to uncover its Easter eggs, like one that suggests it shares a world with BioShock and Gone Home — a pretty incredible, if odd, group. The game went on to sell more than 500,000 copies.

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