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Pokémon Sun and Moon get a ton of new version-exclusives — and refreshing features

Wondering which game to get? This trailer may help

The Pokémon Company uploaded yet another new Pokémon Sun and Moon trailer today, and this time the focus is on new exclusive Pokémon. From different evolutionary forms to Pokémon only found in one game or the other, watch above to meet several more Pokémon coming to the Nintendo 3DS games.

We’ll have more on the new ‘mons later today, but for now, the trailer gives a decent overview of a handful of Pokémon trainers can only obtain in one of the two games. The adorable Rockruff also has two forms, midday and midnight, that have starkly different looks and abilities.

Just as exciting to see are new features and Z-Moves. We already knew that we could groom our player avatar, but the trailer shows that style isn’t just for humans anymore. With Pokémon Refresh, we can also pretty up our Pokémon, giving them the pampering they’ve long deserved.

Pikachu and Eevee, two of the most well-known Pokémon, are also featured in the trailer. They’ll each get their own superpowered Z-Move, which can be unlocked with the new Z-Crystal items. If a player has the appropriate item, Pikachu can unleash Catastropika, which is a questionable pun — but damn if that move doesn’t look cool. As for Eevee, it calls upon the power of all of its evolutionary forms to perform Extreme Evoboost. It doesn’t deal damage, but instead boosts all of Eevee’s own stats.

We’re less than two months away from Sun and Moon’s launch day. The games are out Nov. 18.

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