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Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence fight for survival in trailer for sci-fi film, Passengers

It's hard being the only ones

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, two actors best known for their comedic chops more than anything else, are preparing for a world of isolation, confusion and danger in the first trailer for Passengers.

Directed by Morten Tyldum (The Imitation Game), Passengers follows Pratt and Lawrence as they board a spaceship with thousands of other people, set to be placed in a cyrogenic sleep during their century long travel to another planet. Something goes terribly wrong, however, and the rest of the passengers wake up earlier than expected, leading to some tense interactions with other aboard the ship.

The first trailer also, however, gives us this magnificent footage of Michael Sheen smashing his face onto a bar and using it to clear some glasses.


Passengers will be one of the last movies of 2016 to be released. It's scheduled to hit theaters Dec. 21.

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