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Pokémon Sun and Moon’s newest exclusive Pokémon, revealed

It takes both games to catch ‘em all

With every new Pokémon generation comes the same 20-year-old question: Which one are you going to get? To answer this, one must look to the exclusive Pokémon contained within each game.

We’ve already met the Ultra Beasts contained in each game. Today’s latest Pokémon Sun and Moon trailer helps further clarify things for trainers, highlighting four version-exclusive finds that could push them to one side or the other.


This fighting-type is only found in Pokémon Sun. Passimian are found in packs of 30, all of whom follow orders from a boss that commands them to ... throw berries at other Pokémon? It’s an odd strategy, but one that seems to work for the teamwork Pokémon. As a creature raised within a rigid hierarchical structure with a strong leader on top, Passimian expects a lot from its trainer. That means if you’re kind of a passive dude, it’s time to toughen up if you want this primate in your party.


Pokémon Moon players get to chill out with Oranguru, a normal/psychic-type orangutan. Unlike Passimian, Oranguru prefers its alone time. This wise and gentle soul can be found meditating deep in the forests of Alola. Don’t worry about disturbing it — it will often take in hungry, weak Pokémon to nurse them back to health. Oranguru has a strong moral center and a sense of humanity ... to the point where it literally uses human items, like Poké Balls. (Reminder: Always be suspicious of good people and Pokémon.)

Lycanroc (midday form)

This rocky wolf evolves from the adorable Rockruff in Pokémon Sun. Canonically, the reason for this has something to do with the legendary Solgaleo’s solar energy, but what really matters here is that Lycanroc’s midday form is way cuter than its midnight form. (We’ll look at that one in a second.) Its unique Accelerock move means it’s speedy in battle, and it’s also a deeply loyal Pokémon. Although Lycanroc flies solo in the mountains, when it’s in your party, it’s a team player.

Lycanroc (midnight form)

The same can’t be said for Pokémon Moon’s version of the wolf. We don’t know what legendary bat Pokémon Lunala did to poor Rockruff to create this thing, but we don’t like it. At night, Lycanrock taunts foes to attack it, tricking them into believing they have a chance against the rock-type. Once its eyes start glowing red from bloodlust, however, all bets are off and the battle has pretty much been decided. Assuming its trainer has a dominant personality, Lycanroc can be obedient; just remember that this Pokémon is in control at all times.

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