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Pokémon Sun and Moon's new mode could cut down the need for items

Refresh your party without using items

Grooming your Pokémon is a returning feature in Pokémon Sun and Moon, but it’s not done in the spirit of vanity. Instead, Pokémon Refresh has a much more utilitarian function, one that could just cut down on the number of items a trainer has to carry around. By using the Nintendo 3DS touchscreen, players can cure Pokémon’s status effects, clean their fur and more, all in the service of forging a lifelong bond.

Pokémon Refresh is a mode that players can engage with outside of battle. Similar to Pokémon Amie, they can select a Pokémon, whose fur they can wash and faces they can pet to their liking. Trainers can feed Poké Beans to their favorite monsters to deepen the friendship, and petting Pokémon will make them even more affectionate toward their owners. That will show in battle, where the effects of Refresh include higher evasion and holding on longer instead of fainting fast.

If a Pokémon is poisoned or paralyzed, the trainer will also be able to use different tools to heal them. This seems to be the best feature included in Refresh, as curing status conditions typically requires the use of items or a Poké Center. If all it takes is a quick round of petting on the touchscreen to heal your monster, that could do wonders for your bag — and your wallet.

We’re not totally sure if that’s what Pokémon Refresh is made for, however. There could be certain limits to the status condition-healing abilities of the feature that have yet to be divulged. Nov. 18 is when Sun and Moon come out, and we’ll know more then.

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