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The Division opens up for testing next week

The public test server could squash the game’s bug problem

Tom Clancy's The Division’s public test server launches on Windows PC on Sept. 26. Ubisoft previously revealed it would be bringing the mode to the game last month, and a forum post details what players can expect from the client post-launch.

Anyone with a PC copy of The Division can gain entry into the public test server, but it requires downloading a separate version of the game. Once it’s loaded, players will get the chance to try out new updates and patches before they go live. Although progress won’t transfer, players can continue to use their same characters in most cases.

With the public test server, The Division players should expect to face bugs, crashes and incomplete content — par for the course with the full game, at least after it launched. The game has been criticized by its player base for the presence of infuriating glitch after infuriating glitch, and it took Ubisoft a long while to get the issues sorted out. Giving players a chance to quality assure the updates before they go live is a feature they’ve long requested; it’s common to other online multiplayer games as well.

More than just playing the pre-patched game, players can give direct feedback on The Division’s forums starting Sept. 22. That’s where Ubisoft will update them on what’s going with the test server, which won’t be around indefinitely.

"We will keep the PTS open for as long as needed in order to get as much feedback as possible," according to the post. "However, once we’ve gathered enough feedback, the PTS will close and only reopen when we have new things we would like to test."

PC players can get right to it next Monday; it could get them back into The Division, especially since its next expansion has been delayed.

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