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Dwayne Johnson shares first photo from Jumanji set (update)

So about Karen Gillan's outfit

Dwayne Johnson took to Instagram today to share the first official photo of the Jumanji cast in costume and didn’t waste anytime defending actress Karen Gillan’s outfit.

In the photo, which can be seen below, actors Kevin Hart, Johnson, Gillan and Jack Black can be seen standing in a jungle of some kind. While Hart and Black are covered from head to toe in appropriate jungle gear, Gillan has a slightly more impractical outfit. Instead of proper jungle attire, Gillan is in a crop-top and shorts. It’s the stark contrast to her male co-stars and is something that Johnson called out himself in the post directly.

"Karen Gillan," Johnson wrote. "Her jungle wardrobe will make sense when you know the plot. Trust me;)"

Johnson didn’t add any additional details about the plot that would make the outfit necessary. The film, which will act as a remake of the original, was first announced back in August 2015, with Johnson coming on board in April.

It’s not the first time, either, that a film has been called out for having its female actors in impractical attire. When Jurassic World was released last year, critics called out Bryce Dallas Howard’s character for wearing heels instead of sneakers or boots. Both Howard and director Colin Trevorrow responded to the criticism, defending the decision to have her wear heels, but people were still upset. In an interview with Cosmo after the film was released, however, Howard confirmed that they weren’t going to use heels in the sequel.

Gillan tweeted about the photo on Wednesday, acknowledging the "child-sized" outfit. Like Johnson, Gillan said there was a reason for the wardrobe choice that would be explained in the film.

Jumanji, which is currently filming, is slated to hit theaters July 28, 2017.

Update: Karen Gillan tweeted about the photo in question, addressing why her outfit was slightly more impractical than her male colleagues. The story has been changed to reflect the update.

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