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Witness Nioh’s unyielding difficulty in this new boss battle footage

This ice spirit is very mean, frankly

Team Ninja’s upcoming hardcore action title Nioh won’t be out until February of next year, but at last week’s Tokyo Game Show, we were able to go hands-on with a new build of the game.

In the eight minutes of footage above, we work through one of Nioh’s levels, a frigid, snowy field full of undead enemies that can cut the main character down in moments if you make a mistake. To overcome, we have to master using our bow, our speedy samurai sword and lightning-fast dodges in concert.

The latest demo culminates in a deadly boss battle against Yuki-onna, an evil spirit that attacks with frost-based magic.

We were playing at a loud, distracting public event and without a lot of warmup time, so don’t expect the most skilled play in the world. However, even under those circumstances, we felt comfortable with the game and its controls pretty quickly. Fans of From Software’s Souls games are going to feel right at home, even as Nioh kills them over and over again.

We’ll have more Nioh coverage leading up to its launch for PlayStation 4 on Feb. 9, 2017.

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