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Astroneer brings ambient co-op space travels to Xbox One this December

Right alongside Windows PC launch

We first met Astroneer nearly a year ago, when developer System Era announced the game for Steam Early Access. Today, a new trailer reveals that the co-op space adventure title will launch this winter on Xbox One and Windows 10 as well, bringing 25th century planet-manipulation and base-building to even more platforms.

Four astronauts — excuse us, astroneers — can band together in this budget-priced multiplayer game, traversing pastel terrains that can be shaved and stretched to their liking. There’s also space vehicles, jetpacks, crafting and other features to keep players busy as they venture the galaxy. All of this is in the name of making cash fast — and making it out alive.

When Astroneer arrives in December, players will be checking out a build that’s still in progress. The game does already show marked differences from when we first saw it last October, however, based on the new trailer. We also got to check it out at this year’s GDC in March; watch us play it below.

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