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John Wick needs to get his damned finger off that trigger

What did that tailor ever do to you?

John Wick was one of the best pure actions films of the past decade, and a large part of the film’s success was due to the amazing physical presence of Keanu Reeves in the titular role.

Lionsgate has released a poster for the film’s sequel, and I’m curious if you see what’s been driving fans a bit bonkers for the past 12 hours or so.

Ok, give up?

Why the living hell is his finger on the trigger? Click the video below if you're curious about why that's a bad thing, and Apone will explain it to you.

If you don't have your finger on the trigger and you jump or tense up, nothing happens. If you keep your finger on the trigger when you're not ready to wreck some shit, you may end up accidentally wrecking some shit. Hollywood is silly with poor trigger discipline, although Pulp Fiction is the rare film to show what happens when you put your finger on the trigger and hit a bump.

That all could have been avoided if John Travolta had been more like John Inception, but the promotional materials in Inception show poor trigger discipline as well, so who knows. Maybe people who make movie posters just love making their subjects look silly.

Notice Tom Hardy is practicing proper trigger discipline in that poster, however, which reinforces the fact that Tom Hardy has never looked silly.

The appearance or neglect of proper trigger discipline is a subtle way to show your audience who is well-trained in the use of firearms and who isn't, but that only works when it's consistent. But we know John Wick isn't just well-trained; he's one of the best. We also know that Keanu Reeves knows exactly what he's doing when it comes to firearms.

Much of the promotional material for the first John Wick also showed Reeves with his finger on the trigger, but in context those shots seem to be taken during moments of Wick's life when he was absolutely ready to wreck some shit, so his finger was in the proper position to do so. Were he to be surprised and his muscles tense, he would likely think "Oh no, I have wrecked shit I was planning on wrecking a few seconds too early," and not all would have been lost.

In the poster for John Wick 2, he is getting a suit tailored. It is very unlikely, however not impossible, that he is planning on killing his tailor.

We will revisit this post if that is the case, and we may regret our words and deeds. For now, Wick should get his finger off that trigger.

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