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Pottermore can now tell you what your Patronus is

Are you an otter or a stag?

Warner Bros./Pottermore

When Pottermore first launched, one of its biggest draws was an official sorting for anyone who visited the site, finally putting to rest what Hogwarts house you really belonged in. Now, Pottermore is settling another question Harry Potter fans have had for years: What’s your Patronus?

The interactive experience takes a couple of minutes to complete and brings you on a journey through the Forbidden Forest. As you travel closer to the infamous lake where Harry unleashes his Patronus to deflect hundreds of Dementors in The Prisoner of Azkaban, multiple questions will come flying at you. They’re timed, and much like other quizzes that can be found online, Pottermore suggests that you don’t think about the answer, but just go with the first one that pops into your head.

Once every question is answered, you’re brought to the lake from the third novel and asked to drag your wand around until your Patronus is released. There are a variety of Patronuses that users can be given, ranging from a mole to a grey squirrel or a pine marten. Some of the more popular Patronuses, including Harry’s stag, Hermione’s otter and Ron’s Jack Russell Terrier are also possibilities.

The quiz was originally written by Rowling when she first developed the concept of the Patronus while writing the series years ago. It wasn’t until just recently, however, that the author thought about teaming up with the interactive team at Pottermore to make it a part of the site.

The quiz can be found here, but you must be a Pottermore member to take it.

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