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Nintendo fans are getting thirstier than ever for NX news, six months ahead of launch

That is, assuming the console launches on time

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It’s been 584 days since Nintendo revealed it had another game console, codename NX, in the works. That period has been filled not with patient anticipation and mild speculation from the Nintendo allegiant. Quite the contrary: Nintendo fans are pretty much rabid at this point, their thirst for details and release dates and specs an open secret.

Take this latest NeoGAF thread in a veritable stream of NX-related discussion, for example. This morning, a user posted that the "NX officially has the least time between reveal and release of any Nintendo platform."

By "officially," this poster really meant "currently" — since there is nothing "official" about the NX, beyond Nintendo’s confirmation of its existence. Regardless, the explanation herein is that there are only six months and nine days between now and March 31, 2017, the latest possible date Nintendo could release its new hardware and still meet the previously announced March launch window.

Nintendo debuted the Nintendo DS, by comparison, six months and 10 days ahead of its November 2004 launch. The reveal came at E3 that May, where Nintendo execs showed off the handheld’s unique design and touchscreen capabilities.

Does the NX have a touchscreen? Will it look like the sleek Wii U — or, as rumors have it, more like Nintendo’s line of portables? There’s no way of knowing, because Nintendo has said and shown little. And while the company has stated it will launch the system next March, it’s also possible that the console could be delayed, further prolonging this process.

"If [Nintendo doesn't reveal NX] tomorrow, I'll eat my paper"

The sounds of silence fuel threads like these, and NeoGAF only gets some of it. For all of the NX minutia and naval-gazing Nintendo fans could hope for, there’s the console’s subreddit, where more than 12,000 subscribers go into the weeds about what Nintendo has up its sleeve for its mysterious system.

"Nintendo is probably working on finalizing their reveal presentation this very moment," one user speculated in a thread earlier today.

"Even if the reveal isn’t for a while, I think it’s safe to say that the presentation is being worked on. The thought of it gets me pumped!"

Another poster hypothesized that due to NX chatter from execs at the Pokémon Company and Ubisoft this week, a full reveal was imminent — it will come tomorrow, in fact, which happens to be Nintendo’s 127th birthday.

"If it’s not tomorrow, I will eat a piece of paper," the user wrote.

Although a few others concurred, the greater likelihood is that this person will be chomping on looseleaf come Sept. 23.

There are less emotionally-driven denizens of the NX subreddit as well. A recent post shows a Google Trends chart for Nintendo NX-related searches on the engine. It's pretty astounding, although anyone trying to interpret the data as evidence for a forthcoming reveal should look elsewhere.

nintendo nx google trends Nintendo NX Google Trends on Imgur

Subscribers have also come together to concoct a calendar that shows possible reveal date drawn from some questionable methodologies:

nintendocalendar Nintendo NX on Reddit

The Nintendo NX subreddit is a fascinating, terrifying look into the neediest subset of Nintendo fandom. There are no certainties when it comes to the possibly portable, possibly cartridge-based console, but we can be sure that Nintendo would rather customers take their outrage over to Reddit than let it continue to spill all over its social media feed.

Correction: Nintendo revealed the DS at E3 2004, not its Spaceworld event. The text above has been amended to reflect this.

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