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The makers of Evangelion will turn you into a princess next month (update)

Princess Maker 2 is getting its English debut, 23 years later

Cult classic royalty simulator Princess Maker 2 is getting an English translation next month, courtesy of veteran anime studio Gainax and Korean games publisher CFK. First launched in Japan in 1993 on Windows 98, Sega Saturn and other platforms, the game’s Refine Edition will hit Windows PC via Steam on Oct. 3, according to Gematsu.

A lengthy trailer showing the game’s first official translation is above, which serves the secondary purpose of previewing the gameplay. Players assume the role of a young, Heaven-sent royal’s ward, watching her grow into her role as an underage ruler. There are 74 possible outcomes for the princess, based on the player’s success at tutoring her; she has different occupational and marriage choices that are dependent on the stats players help her develop.

Princess Maker 2’s English debut is great news for stateside anime lovers and dress-up fans who have resorted to playing fan translations since Princess Maker 2’s initial release. Although there are six titles in the Gainax-developed series, Princess Maker 2 gained special notoriety because its English-language release was canceled in 1996.

Anyone who’s ever seen a Gainax production may be taken aback by this seemingly low-key title. The studio is better known for its animated work, including existentialist fighting robot drama Neon Genesis Evangelion, intricate sci-fi comedy FLCL and the action hit Gurren Lagann. Its output has slowed down over the years, although the company has a film due for 2018.

Update: Princess Maker 2's release date has been pushed up to today. It's available on Steam right now for $19.99; a 20 percent discount is offered through Oct. 5.

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